The symbiosis of sneakers and khuffs

Removable inner shoes that meet all requirements for the masah & sporty outer shoes that meet all the needs of young people: design, image, high-tech, fun and function.

The background

The Islamic ritual prayer prescribes a previous ablution. This also includes the washing of the feet which may cause several difficulties. Our aim is prayer integration in everyday life made possible under all circumstances.

Difficulties washing your feet

Washing your feet in a washbasin requires gymnastic exercise and causes wetness on the floor. Even with special washing places in mosques problems occur.

The solution

smartKhuffZ® solve the problem of foot washing before praying inside a mosque and also outside of mosques (for example, at work, on the way, in school and college, etc.)

smartKhuffZ® can also be a welcome alternative for elder and mobility-impaired Muslims.