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SmartKhuffZ®  has a clear intention: to revive a Sunnah together with you – Mindful, Practical & Inspiring Individuals.

“Together” is our motto, Together we will change the perception that “Faith, Creativity and Fashion” are not mutually exclusive but in reality complement each other perfectly. Together with you, it is all possible.

Faith and practicality are a core part of human existence. It is imperative that we use all the tools of faith and fashion to improve the quality of life. To make it easier to practice our faith in a beautiful way. As people of faith we require to purify ourselves in all types of places and environments such as work, when we are travelling and in our busy daily lives.

At SmartKhuffZ® Ease, Comfort and Style are the driving force to aspects help us on one of the many missions to empower everyone of faith to be confident in doing ritual ablution no matter where they find themselves, and with SmartKhuffZ® we have the intention to make that something easy for the Ummah in all circumstances.


Dr Jörg Imran Schröter from Freiburg, Germany, Founder of SmartKhuffZ® who converted to Islam 30 years ago, found of the biggest challenges to be washing his feet for ritual purity in everyday life, especially during his time studying and later during his teaching career at University. It would cause a mess in Airports, Schools, University’s and all possible places imaginable. The Khuffs/Khuffayn currently on the market were not practical as they would not fit into one’s shoes, and when you forced them to fit into your shoe/trainer the Leather Sock made you stand out like a sore thumb. And so the idea behind SmartKhuffZ® was born. The Unity of Sneakers and Khuffs.

For any inquiries in the UK please contact our sales representatives from SmartKhuffZ®-UK: Mr. Faisal Hussain and Hajj Tariq Ameen.

Mr. Muhammad Mukhtar (Kano/Nigeria) is in charge of worldwide marketing inquiries and networking.

Contact us and join in! Be part of the idea and the message!

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